Republic Auto Body Logo Republic Auto Body Shop Phone Number 631-423-9588 Republic Auto Body Shop 100 West Hills Road Huntington Station, NY 11746 Call: 631-423-9588 24/7 Emergency Towing Auto Body Related Towing! Day Call: 631-423-9588 Day Call: 631-433-3260 Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Republic Auto Body Shop's Lifetime Guarantee Republic Auto Body Shop's Lifetime Guarantee Auto Body Shop Process Prepare Estimate We thoroughly go through the damaged area of your vehicle and locate any related damage from the accident, collecting a list of parts needed and labor costs. Insurance Inspection We work directly with your insurance company to ensure the proper parts and time are allowed for a solid repair to be performed. At this point the insurance company decides if the repair job is feasible for repair or not. Insurance Approval and Deductible (if applicable) Once we receive the insurance company’s approval, you will bring in your insurance deductible amount plus your insurer’s check balance they send you for the auto body repair to be performed. Disassembly Once all paperwork is in order, we begin disassembly. If we find additional damages that were not visible at time of inspection, we will request for an adjustment from your insurance company. Your insurance company may have to revisit the vehicle again for approval of additional work Order Parts All parts within the estimate are ordered. Some parts may be special order due to the Original Equipment Manufacturer or Aftermarket Company. Repair Frame Work We start repairing the frame or unibody part of your vehicle (if applicable) within the exact specs of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Sub-Assembly and Repair Now all internal parts and external body parts begin to be applied back onto your vehicle ensuring all body lines are straight and fit properly. Any electrical wiring that has been damaged, either is replaced or repaired. Paint Body and Parts The original damaged area of your vehicle is preped, sanded, primed and sealed. We will blend the older parts of the vehicle with the new parts (as best as possible depending how old the vehicle is), so the eye can not easily distinguish old paint to the new paint. Final Assembly All the remaining parts are now installed back onto the vehicle, trims, lights, mirrors etc. Your vehicle goes through a final and tedious inspection for any inadequacies via functionality, safety and appearance. Detailing and Double Check Auto body work is a very dusty business, so we will need to detail your vehicle before it is returned to you. We then again do a final inspection and fully road test your vehicle to ensure it is safe to return to you. The day you’ve been waiting for, Delivery! Your vehicle is done and ready for delivery back to you. We can go over the car or light truck with you as what our auto body shop has done. Finalize paperwork and when you drive off, you can feel fully confident that Republic Auto Body has taken care of all aspects of your body shop repair needs! Giving you our Lifetime Guarantee!
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Republic Auto Body is a full service Auto Body Shop with Body Shop Towing Services, covering Suffolk and Nassau. After 5PM Call (631) 433-3260
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